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8 Free WordPress Plugins for a Basic Website

WordPress Plugins allow you to improve and customize your website as necessary. However, choosing a suitable plugin can be demanding, especially if you’re new to WordPress. This blog post will discuss some required, free WordPress plugins that can make it simple for you to create a simple website. Let’s get started and learn how useful these plugins are.

1. Updraft

Regular website backups are important to secure your data from unexpected outcomes. A dependable plugin that makes backups, and they can be saved in cloud storage services like Dropbox or Google Drive. You can relax knowing that your website is safe and recoverable using Updraft. Learn more about Updraft here..

2. Elementor

With the help of the well-liked drag-and-drop page builder plugin Elementor, you can create beautiful web pages without any coding experience. It is simple to create beautiful layouts thanks to its user-friendly interface and a large library of pre-designed themes. You have the freedom with Elementor to create your personal website and realize your creative ideas. Details about Elementor.

3. Elementor Kit

The term “Elementor Kit” describes a set of pre-made templates, sections, and widgets created specifically for Elementor. These starter kits provide a simple and useful approach to starting to design your website. Elementor kits offer a range of solutions to suit your requirements, whether you’re pursuing a polished company style or a colorful portfolio production. Discover the power of Elementor Kits

4. Wordfence

In today’s digital environment, website security is vital. Your WordPress site is protected from malware, brute force violations, and other possible risks with the powerful security plugin Wordfence. To keep your website secure, it offers capabilities like firewall defence, malware scanning, login security, and real-time threat information. Find out how Wordfence safeguards your website.

5. Google Kit

A complete plugin called Google Kit connects multiple Google services to your WordPress website. You may incorporate Google Analytics to monitor website performance, Google Maps to show location data, and even Google reCAPTCHA to guard your forms from automatic submissions. The seamless integration of these services is made easier by Google Kit. Integrate Google services with ease..

6. WPForms

WPForms is a great option if you need to develop contact forms, surveys, or other interactive forms. You can simply construct and customise forms using its drag-and-drop form builder without any scripting. WPForms is a necessary plugin for collecting user data because it has realistic features, including clever conditional logic, file uploads, and form submission alerts. Learn more about WPForms.

7. WP-Optimise

For the user experience and search engine rankings, a website’s performance and speed are necessary. WP-Optimise aids in WordPress site optimization by decluttering your database, deleting extraneous information, and compressing images. This plugin speeds up the loading of your website, giving your users a seamless surfing experience. Optimize your website with WP-Optimise.

8. Smart Slider

Your website’s overall presence can be improved, and your audience can be more actively engaged, by adding beautiful interactive sliders. With the help of the user-friendly plugin Smart Slider, you can make amazing sliders that include text, images, and videos. With its broad customization options, which include animation effects and transition styles, you can easily design attractive sliders. Create stunning sliders with Smart Slider.


With the help of these free WordPress plugins, you can easily upgrade your simple website into a feature-rich platform. You may improve security, create visually appealing sites, optimise performance, and integrate crucial services with the help of plugins like Updraft, Elementor, WPForms, and others. Explore these plugins, play around with their facilities, and raise the bar for your WordPress website.

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